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We welcome you to the Ipl betting tips page, here you can get all the details you require to know about cricket betting tips for the IPL.

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is a cricket betting event that is held each year.

It is comprised of 10 franchises which play games in a round robin series against one another.


The significance in Cricket Betting in India

Cricket betting has grown into an extremely lucrative market in India. The betting on cricket has become among the top sought-after online sports in India. It is due to the fact that it provides the chance to gamble without leaving the comfort of your home and navigating the crowds.

Betting on games at any time and there are many choices available, such as single matches or series, tournaments or even IPL matches.


The potential for cricket betting tips for IPL

Cricket is among the most played games in India. It is loved by all from all ages and is an excellent betting opportunity. Some people might be nervous about betting on Cricket however, it can be an enjoyable and lucrative experience when done right. Some of the potential cricket betting tips for the IPL include:

Do your research

Keep the track of your bank accounts

Start with a small

Use multiple sources

Know the chances


IPL Betting Markets are a hit. IPL Betting Markets

  • In-right Winners of the Ipl Betting tips Which of the franchises do you think will be the winners in the tournament.
  • IPL Match Betting Match Betting Daily markets are available every day.
  • The Top IPL Betting on Batsman Which player will become the tournament’s most runs scored, also called The Orange Cap winner.
  • The best IPL bowler betting What will become the tournament’s best wicket taker? called”the Purple Cap winner.

There are plenty of Ipl betting tips and chances to choose from. The variety of games and markets available for punters to pick from is superior to the rest.

I’m convinced that IPL cricket has more betting strategies and possibilities at the IPL than any other cricket tournament.

A very popular option to bet on in the Indian Premier League is Spread Cricket Betting. It is a very popular alternative to traditional betting.

ipl betting tips


IPL The History

The IPL began in 2008 and instantly brought the domestic T20 to a new height.

Before the start of the IPL the general consensus that T20 (at the domestic level) was just an occasional jolly up.

It appeared to be an opportunity to have some light relief for the players, an opportunity to relax and play the bat around without pressure. If you were a bowler and you were in the park, what? It was just some fun.

The IPL transformed everything. In the absence of a better description, it has professionalised the domestic T20. The money invested into the IPL ensures that the top cricketers in the world have been present each year.

The IPL rapidly grew into the most prestigious domestic T20 event and, as such, it’s a cricket betting paradise.

The presence of the best players around the world and the intensity the tournament is played at is what has made the IPL become a top betting event. It has elevated the betting game on cricket across India to a whole new level.

The first winners of the tournament in 2008 were the Rajasthan Royals, led by Shane Warne, they beat Chennai Super Kings by 3 wickets. Chennai Super Kings by 3 wickets at the DY Patil Sports Stadium.


IPL List of the Winners

  • 2011 Chennai Super Kings
  • The year 2012 Kolkata Knight Riders
  • 2013 Mumbai Indians
  • The year 2014 Kolkata Knight Riders
  • 2015 Mumbai Indians
  • 2016 Sunrisers Hyderabad
  • 2017 Mumbai Indians
  • 2018 Chennai Super Kings
  • 2019 Mumbai Indians
  • 2020 Mumbai Indians
  • 2021 Chennai Super Kings
  • 2022 Gujarat Titans
  • 2023 TBD


Wankhede Stadium, Cricket Grounds, IPL Stadiums

Venue Details: Wankhede Stadium was established in 1974.

What is the sitting capacity of Wankhede stadium?

The capacity of this stadium is 33108

What is the Pavillion end name of this stadium?

Garware Pavillian End and Tata End

Who is the owner of the Wankhede stadium?

Mumbai Cricket Association, BCCI

Which team has Wankhede stadium as its home ground?

 Mumbai Indians (Read an extensive IPL Betting Tips analysis.)

Wankhede Stadium, Cricket Grounds, IPL Stadiums

Test Cricket Stats

What is the test cricket history of this stadium?

  •  First Test- India Vs West Indies, 1975.
  • Highest Test Total- India scored 631 runs in 182.3 overs against England in 2016.
  • Highest Test Score- CH Lloyd(West Indies) scored 242 runs against India in 1975.
  • Most Test Runs- Sunil Gavaskar scored 1122 runs with the highest score of 205 runs ( in the years 1975-86).
  • Most Test Wickets- Anil Kumble (in the years1993-06) took 38 Wickets in 831 runs.

ODI Stats

What is the ODI history of Wankhede stadium?

  • First ODI – Srilanka Vs. India, 1987
  • Highest ODI total- 438/4 against India by South Africa, the year 2015
  • Highest ODI score- ST Jayasuriya scored 151 runs against India, the year 1997.
  • Best Bowling ODI stats- M Kartik (India), took 6 wickets in 27 Runs against Australia.
  • Highest ODI Partnership- LRPL Taylor and TWM Latham of New Zealand scored 200 Runs against India in 2017.

T20I stats

What are T20I stats for Wankhede stadium?

  • First T20I- India Vs England, 2012.
  • Highest T20I total score- England scored 230/8 against South Africa in 2016.
  • Highest T20 Scores- CH Gayles (West Indies) scored 100 runs in 48 balls against England in 2016.
  • Longest T20 Partnership- HM Amla With Q De Kock of South Africa scored 96 runs against England in 2016.
  • Highest Bowling Stats- CH Morris took 4 Wickets in 27 Runs against Afganistan in 2016.

IPL stats

What is the IPL stats of Wankhede stadium?

  • Total Matches- 73
  • Average Runs- 160
  • Avg First Inning score- 166.03
  • Avg Second Inning Score- 154.38
  • Highest First Inning score- 235
  • Lowest First Inning Score- 67

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