A One Day International (ODI) is a limited 50 overs cricket game. Earlier, the number of overs were fixed to 60 overs per side but later 50 overs were fixed to maintain uniformity. The two teams of international status play against each other within one day. At present, a total of 12 teams have the international status. In addition, ICC is the regulating body that grants the status to each team based on performance. Most noteworthy, It also decides the ranking of each teams and players.

Powerplay in ODI

Recently, field restriction also known as Powerplay, is a major change in the current form of cricket matches.
During powerplay, two fielders are outside 30-yard circle for first 10 overs of an inning. Furthermore, four fielders are outside the 30-yard circle between 11 to 40 overs. Finally, between 40 to 50, five fielders are outside the 30-yard circle.

International Teams status for ODI

The following teams have ODI status :

Australia (5 January 1971)
England (5 January 1971)
New Zealand (11 February 1973)
Pakistan (11 February 1973)
West Indies (5 September 1973)
India (13 July 1974)
Sri Lanka (13 February 1982)
South Africa (10 November 1991)
Zimbabwe (1 February 1993)
Bangladesh (10 October 1997)
Afghanistan (22 June 2017)
Ireland (22 June 2017)

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