Importance of Cricket Tipper in IPL Betting

IPL is not just an event, it is the season in a cricket year. It is the embodiment of thrill, suspense, zeal and an untamed quest for victory. This is only the blue water whereas under this sea lies huge opportunity of getting money by hitting jackpot while placing bets in IPL matches. IPL Betting gives that opportunity to everyone.

IPL Betting

IPL is not only a series of some cricket fantasy league but also an unquenched and untamed spirit of cricket lovers which bind them with every ball and run scored in the field. All eyes glued to the TV, all ears stuck to the radio are clearly picturesque of immortal spirit of cricket lovers.

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But placing bets is always the most uncertain n risky job. Many unforbidden risks make betting a gamble yet if it is planned then it can certainly give windfall gains. Some of the most prominent risks of betting are as follow-


Every run or wicket is circumstantial depending upon the field, players’ mental strength, techniques and many other attributes. It really seems impossible to predict a team or player performance in advance in any match, at least on paper. A player scoring a century in the last few matches can get out on a single run. This is how this game works. Afterall it’s not a chess, it’s cricket. To avoid such exposure to loss, an experienced tipper is necessary and unavoidable.  

Money at stake

The whole concept of IPL Betting revolves around profit at the end of the match. In betting, money is at stake. Money, which runs the world. The hard earned money if get lost can take the heartbeat at least for a second. Being such important the money need not be thrown but to be invested. This short-term perfect investment can give high returns and peace of mind if a bet is placed under the expert supervision of a tipper. 

Prestige in IPL Betting

Sometimes placing bets is the sign of prestige. People consider fluking as a God endowed power. They consider themselves possessed with some intuitive power which can never go wrong. But many a time such hallelujahs ends up in a grave loss.

The Crowd of Fake Tippers

These days, the market has overfloated with fake tippers. Digital outreach has made them more accessible. Marketing can never assure you of getting authentic market tips.

Online Betting Sites

Betfair, William Hill, bet365, Bwin, Ladbrokes, Paddy Power, Unibet etc are extremely helpful punters. These websites not only minimize the risk of mediating bookie but also facilitates the cross-border gamble where betting is not legal.

Now the big question arises – should we keep ourselves aloof from all kinds of bet? Should we make ourselves just mute spectators? Afterall, we are watching a game, not a sitcom.

So the answer to the above-mentioned issue lies in the fact that one should contact a tipper who is authentic and knows inside out of the match. Remember don’t gamble, invest in betting if u want huge returns.

Faizal Guru

IPL Betting - Faizal Guru

Guru not only gives tipping advice but also guides you on how to place a successful bet. He interacts with all his punters personally. He is the person who knows when the match is fixed and when only rumours are heating up the market. The basic philosophy of his team is to maximise clients’ profit as it is directly related to their reputation per se. So, if you want to make this IPL 2018 a whirlpool in gulping in money into your account then contact- 

Faizal Guru



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