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In this Teen Patti guide we take a look at the immensely popular card in India that’s also called flash or flush, depending on where in India you are. The game based on the British game three-card-brag which shares certain features with poker, it’s played with a regular deck with 52 cards and is rather easy to learn how to play.

Real Money Teen Patti Online Casino Sites in India 🥇

Teen Patti is an incredibly popular card game to play online in India, but where and how can you play Teen Patti for real money? 


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Best Real Money Teen Patti Online Casino Sites in India 🥇

How to Play Teen Patti ❓

Let us take a look at how you play a round of Teen Patti.

What you have to understand is that players can decide whether or not they want to see the cards they’ve been dealt and that will determine how much they have to bet.

Generally speaking, a player that hasn’t seen his cards (blind play) has to bet half the amount of the players that have seen their cards. Although, he can also raise the bet amount. So the game starts by everyone placing the minimum bet needed to start the game.

This amount varies depending on the table and how much the maximum limit is.

The first player starts by placing a bet and every player after he has to match that to stay in the game. Every player also has the option of folding, thus forfeiting his possibility to win the pot. The betting continues until there are only two players left which force those to players to show their cards to determine who wins.

The last round is called the showdown. There are three ways for the game to end and it all depends on how the games have been played out.

  1. All players except for one fold. That means the last player automatically wins the pot and doesn’t have to show his cards to the rest of the players.
  2. When every player besides two has folded, one of the players can force the other player to show his cards to determine who has the best hand.
  3. Every Teen Patti table has a maximum pot level and when that is reached, the remaining players have to show their cards to determine the winner.

This is only the basic foundation of Teen Patti and even if it might sound a bit complex when you first read about it, the game is quite simple. Moreover, there are several variations of Teen Patti with different rules and we’ve listed them in the section below.